ToG-o-Drome level was added in the 1.13 update.

The level itself is a huge arena, and a boss challenge. The player is to battle multiple bosses here.

Getting There Edit

If you jumped off the edge in Battlements using the Lift Ticket perk (therefore accessing TheVillage) It will occur after either the Foundry, or Gearworks.

Endless Mode Edit

These are the rounds that the Tog-o-Drome will inhabit in Endless mode

  • 8
  • 14 (Achievement for completion)
  • 20
  • 26
  • 32
  • 38
  • Every 6th round thereafter.

Doctor Turret Edit

Two of them will spawn on either side of the arena. The strategy is mostly the same as his normal fights but the two of them can really trip you up with their alternating lasers and missiles.

Pipe Organ Edit

Three of these will spawn at once. Two on either side in a similar position to the Dr. Turret fight. The third will spawn in front of the door. Focusing fire on one at a time can be especially beneficial here because of the insane number of bullets the three can put out together.

Doomball Edit

Possibly the easiest Tog-o-Drome fight, Two of them will move about the arena like they do normally, avoid their occasional fire and focus fire on them. Keeping them both on screen can be helpful.

Big ol' Spikeroom Edit

Possibly the trickiest Tog-o-Drome fight, A weak point will spawn on the door, but no spikes. Instead many dozens of mini-tanks will spawn. If this is your third or later visit (same playthrough) to the ToG-o-Drome some of these mini-tanks will be champions. Keep moving and firing and the weak point and you should be okay.


Beating this boss causes a lot of loot to drop, especially with the tooyoungtodie perk. The sheer amount of loot can cause severe slowdown and may softlock weaker systems. Waiting a minute or two, or if you can muster it picking the loot up, should fix any slowdown.

Secrets Edit

There is one secret in this stage. Just after the final teleportation device, the fake wall contains some goodies (usually four items, such as a pile of coins, a vending machine, a badge etc.).

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