Spoiler WarningEdit

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  • The Village
  • Tower Entrance

The Village is an Easter Egg level found by falling off of the Battlements while using the Lift Ticket perk. It is considered an Easter Egg due to the specific way it must be reached.

The Village DetailsEdit

  • The Village is only accessible by falling off of the Battlements level while using the Lift Ticket perk.
    • Falling off without the Lift Ticket perk causes the player to take a massive amount of fall damage upon returning to the battlements and brings the player back to the beginning of the room they fell off of.
  • Accessing The Village forces the player to restart their current run from the very first level (Foyer) while maintaining all collected badges, items, upgrades and weapons.
    • This may turn out valuable if you had not had enough perks to reach all the secrets in the early stages, e. g. the secret at the top of the room with the very first Hugbots.

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