Found only in Logistics, this boss consists of spinning spike wheels with a core powering them. Without proper strategy or damage, this boss can end runs so tread cautiously.

Strategy Edit

The egg scrambler

In order to do damage to the Egg Scrambler, you need to destroy its four lesser cores. These can be found on the joints in between each set of spinning spike wheels. Once you destroy all four, the main core will become exposed. Shoot it and once the shield returns rinse and repeat.

Tips Edit

When the Egg Scrambler reaches certain point of its health bar (2/3 and 1/3 remaining), it will speed up the movement of the spike wheels. At full and 2/3 it is best to slowly keep strafing right when shooting at the main core. At 1/3 remaining health, the rotation of the spike wheels changes and you need to constantly and quickly strafe right to avoid getting hit.

Note Edit

Firemines don't do bonus damage against the boss regardless of its effect on other bosses.

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