The PC version of Tower of guns currently has 17 achievements to unlock

Name How To Get Completion rate
BlueGrass Is still the Best Unlock all Perks ~8%
Don't Worry You Probably

Won't Need That

Pick up 1,000 healing Items at full health ~6%
Shouldn't Just Once Be


Defeat the wall of turrets a total of three times ~3%
Shops Are For Wimps Have 888 coins in your money reserve ~5%
You Have Found The

Motivator, Right?

Find the gun, "Motivator" and proceed to bring it up to level 5. ~5%
Start With a Jump Stay in the air for at least 45 seconds. ~6%
Achievement Farming


Kill 350 enemies or more in a single stage ~28%
This Was Easier In

Earlier Builds

Beat stage 14 in Endless Mode. ~4%
I Hope This Won't Break

The Game.

Tilt 10 times in a single stage ("C" key by default) ~4%
At Least You'll Get An

Achievement For It...

Die while a boss is exploding. ~12%
And You Thought

Magnetized Loot Was A

Good Thing...

Complete a stage without picking up any loot. ~5%
Chose All The Better


Unlock all guns ~5%
Why would you do such a


Kill a Hugbot by jumping on it ~7%
Choose Your Gun Wisely Complete a stage with exactly 14 shots fired ~1%
What does "Tog_ImLame"


Hint Hint *nudges* ~2%
Generally An Inadvisable


Collect four difficulty up badges in a single playthrough ~3%
Yes, Bombots

Self-Destructing Counts

Complete a stage without anything but the boss dying ~1%

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