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A view of the Boss' antechamber

Sanctum is the fifth and last level in the normal game.  

It has extensive fogging as shown above, and is predominantly a purple, dark theme.

Threat AssessmentEdit

Very high.  This level is short, having only a few rooms.  There are few loot spawns and relatively few enemies compared to other levels, like Logistics .  There are comparitively few enemies to gain loot from or heal with Vampire.  Also, the enemies that do spawn are usually from the highest ranks and are quite dangerous.

It has many spiked walls and rollers which are not especially damaging, but add to attrition for careless players and threaten others during the battles to the final fight. However, the perk Fireforce is able to lower threat level considerably, as it makes the player immune to environmental damage.

The final boss of the game, Gumball Machine lurks at the end, and is a fearsome opponent.


The Sanctum is comprised of quite large rooms, with a dark color scheme leaning towards cool colors.  Several rooms contain small walkways on which to move around, so falling is a constant danger (unless you are equipped with Lift Ticket or can time your extra jumps correctly).  Other than the turrets and bots, the highest danger is the spikes which litter the walls of nearly every room.  Some catwalk rooms are suspended over, and contain many rotating spike cylinders (as seem in picture above).


  • If you defeat Gumball Machine, the Hugbots will group-hug you near the exit.  Awww!
  • If you are playing in Endless Mode , taking the Exit Elevator will return you the first room and a new randomised set of levels to conquer.
  • Is this really the end?
ToG Sanctum Difficulty "OH EM GEE"02:00

ToG Sanctum Difficulty "OH EM GEE"

Sample firefight from an early version

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