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Mama Spinbot, Battlements Level

Mama Spinbot is a giant variant of a spinbot and a boss typically found on the first 3 levels of Tower of Guns.


Mama Spinbot is the mother of all Spinbots. She can be quite deadly with her sawblades and spikeball dispensers.


The strategy with Mama Spinbot is to avoid her at all costs. If she charges the player, as a normal Spinbot would, the player will be flung and take damage from her sawblades. She will also release an explosion once she has finished her charge at the player.

As Mama Spinbot takes more damage she will begin to rotate as well as dispense spikeballs all over the room. Avoiding the spikeballs is of high priority as they can gather up in areas the player may not initially see while focusing on Mama Spinbot.

Grandmama Spinbot Edit

At very high difficulty levels It is possible to see a champion version of this boss, like all champions this version has higher health and damage output. You will probably need to complete a few cycles of endless mode to see her.