Loot spawns either from enemy kills in a downward-falling fountain, or is randomly generated at predetermined locations.  Placed loot does not despawn.


Orbs add a small amount to one of three stats. Orbs despawn the soonest of all loot, lasting only a few seconds

Red OrbEdit

Add a small amount of health

Blue OrbEdit

Add small amount of weapon XP

Yellow OrbEdit

Add a small amount of Item Charge


Crystals despawn slower than orbs, but only last about 30 seconds

Blue CrystalEdit

Adds to weapon XP

Giant CrystalEdit

Adds 100 to weapon XP

Health PacksEdit

Health packs despawn at the same rate as crystals

Small Health PackEdit

Heal ~25 HP

Medium Health PackEdit

Heal ~50 HP


See Badges

Badges do not despawn


See Items

Items only despawn if you swap them multiple times. If they are not picked up, they do not despawn

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