Spoiler WarningEdit

This page contains spoilers below this point.

Hugbot Alley is a special area that can be only accessed by not killing any hugbots (Excluding those inside the area).

2014-03-12 00020

Some of the many denizens of Hugbot Alley

Hugbot Alley DetailsEdit

Hugbot Alley is an easter egg level in Tower of Guns.

Threat AssessmentEdit

This level poses no threat whatsoever. The only possible ways to take damage are from weapons fire on yourself, fall damage, or standing under a hugbot as it spawns.


Hugbot Alley is an insane comglomeration. There are bright signs haphazardly placed on the walls and ceiling, Major colors are greens and purples.

The final room is an eye-shaped room with pillars and neon light-purple stripes covering floor and ceiling. This room always contains a gun, the Captain's Belt or the Togatroopa Wing.


Since hugbot alley is full of hugbots, it can be quite easy for the player to acquire loot. The golden hugbots drop larger amounts of loot compared to the silver ones. It should be noted that killing all of the hugbots in this area will greatly increase the difficulty of the game.


  • It is possible to get several Hugbot Alleys in one Endless run as long as one does not kill any hugbots including those in Hugbot Alley.

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