• Gearworks Room 1 Variant
  • Gearworks Room 2 Variant
  • Gearworks Room 3 Variant

The Gearworks is a 2nd floor variation in Tower of Guns. The other variant being the Foundry.

Threat AssessmentEdit

Low. Fairly low spawn rates of turrets and bots. It seems that spinbots are the star of the show for most rooms. The player can expect new turrets to appear that may not have been seen in the Foyer.

The other threat to take into consideration are the moving parts of the Gear works. There are several areas with rotating objects that can crush the player if not fully aware of their surroundings. Fall damage is another consideration as there are several lifts/elevators that can be found on this floor.


The Gearworks consists of a spawn room, three levels and a boss room. The name "Gearworks" is a bit of a dead giveaway as to what the theme of floor is. Each level contains some form of moving machinery, typically gears, and an overal industrial theme.


No spoilers, but with just about any room in Tower of Guns, there are many secrets to be found.


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