Endless Mode is exactly what it sounds like, a mode that never ends, well, unless you die that is. Effectively giving the player an infinite number of New Game Pluses as long as they can keep themselves alive.

New Game (Stages 1-5) Edit

This plays out like a normal game of Tower of Guns. You fight your way through five levels of increasing difficulty.

  • Stage 1: Foyer
  • Stage 2: Foundry or Gearworks
  • Stage 3: Battlements or Warehouse
  • Stage 4: Logistics (preceded by Hugbot alley if you didn't kill any hugbots)
  • Stage 5: Sanctum

It's recommended that you can consistently beat the Gumball Machine before attempting endless mode as the later stages would be useless without that.

New Game+ (Stages 6-11) Edit

These next levels are quite a bit harder than their previous counterparts, but you keep all your badges, items, and weapons.

  • Stage 6: Foyer
  • Stage 7: Foundry or Gearworks
  • Stage 8: Tog-o-Drome
  • Stage 9: Battlements or Warehouse (can visit hugbot alley again if none are dead upon completion)
  • Stage 10: Logistics
  • Stage 11: Sanctum

New Game++ and beyond (Stages 12+) Edit

You can continue playing through the 6 stages over and over again at ever increasing difficulty. You'll have an ever larger repertoire of equipment which you'll need to face the ever strengthening enemies. As you progress more of the enemies will be replaced with their Champion counterparts, including the bosses if you progress far enough.

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