Diceroll is a game mode in Tower of guns. Upon entering a new room a new random effect will apply, replacing the previous one, if applicable.

Known exceptions Edit

The following rooms do not apply a dice roll to the player

Known positive rolls Edit

The following rolls provide a benefit to the player without any drawbacks

  • Gain coins: Usually 100
  • Lootfest: Greatly improves loot drop rates
  • Gain extra jump: permanent
  • Weapon level-up: At least one, unknown if 2+ exists
  • Quad damage: Quadruples player damage
  • Random stat buffs
  • Double Bank: Doubles your current amount of coins
  • All Crits: Sets Crit rate to 100%
  • Super Luck: Increases luck, effects unknown.

Known neutral rolls Edit

The following rolls provide a benefit, but at the cost of something else

  • Tiny HP loot: plentiful healing, but can't level up weapon or charge item
  • Tiny XP loot: plentiful XP, but can't heal or charge item
  • All Money loot: Lots of money, can't heal, level up weapon or charge item.
  • Jumpy Loot: Only extra jumps are dropped by enemies. (disables all other loot)

Known negative rolls Edit

The following rolls harm the player without any positive effects

  • HP leech: drains health over time
  • XP leech: drains Weapon XP over time
  • Money Leech: drains Coins 1 by 1 over time
  • Drain 3 Levels: unknown if other variants exist
  • Low-Health mode: reduced to about 30 HP and healing loot disabled
  • All champions: Spawns all enemies as champions (effectively a pseudo-nightmare) (presumably no effect with Nightmare perk)
  • Hurtful star loot: A homing projectile is dropped by defeated enemies.
  • Weak loot: Greatly decreases loot drop rates
  • Half Damage: Halves player damage
  • Random stat debuffs
  • Difficulty loot: All loot spawns as "Difficulty Up" Badges.
  • Half bank: halves current supply of money.

Known indifferent rolls Edit

The following rolls affect the gameplay without actually harming or benefiting the player

  • Nothing Happens
  • Slow Motion: Player speed, enemy speed, projectile speed, and look sensitivity halved
  • Fast Forward: Player speed, enemy speed, projectile speed, and look sensitivity doubled
  • No HUD: HUD disabled
  • Force Hoppy: Will force a jump whenever possible (can be hurtful with a lot of extra jumps)

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