These are the now known console commands for Tower of Guns. These generally change the base mechanics of the game in interesting ways.

If you want the more traditional cheatcodes, go here instead: Tower of Guns Cheats

Cheat Name Effect


Toggles Flight

Ghost Toggles noclip - enemies can't hurt you, loot will magnetize to you but won't be picked up, many triggers don't occur(such as doors closing/opening, as well as the Maw spawning)
God Toggles Invincibility
SetJumpZ [X] Sets the jump height to [X]. Default is 640, don't go above 2500 or you'll start taking fall damage after every jump.
SetGravity [X] Sets the gravity to [X]. Default is 0. The higher the number the lower the gravity, eventually reversing gravity entirely.
SetSpeed [X] Sets speed to 13[X]. Default is 1, normal maximum is ~2.

Higher levels increases your maximum speed wildly. Movement in ToG is based on acceleration, so instead of maxing out instantly, it'll ramp up.

SloMo [X] Speeds/Slows the game by [X] times. Default is 1.

Decimals slow game time, so .5 would be 50% speed. 2 would be 200% speed, higher levels make the game silly, but largely unplayable. Negative numbers result in even greater slowdown. SloMo resets at every doorframe (might just be Dice mode).

ToG_AdjustDifficulty [X] Increases the difficulty level by [X] (can be a negative number to decrease)
ToG_HudStats Displays a bunch of miscellaneous information on the left side of the screen (such as armor, difficulty, total health, weapon xp, damage taken, and so on).
ToG_IncrementStage Increases the endless stage level by 1.
ToG_SetLuck [X] Sets the passive Luck stat to [X].

Can go above the cap of 10, increasing loot drop quantity and item drop rate. Most bombbots will be blue at higher levels. Also makes the mystery box effects 100% positive.

Togglehud Toggle display of the HUD (display overlay). This doesnot turn of disply of the weapon though.
Walk Resets flight/ghost back to normal

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