• The boss as seen in the Foundry
  • The boss as seen in the Foyer
  • Foyer level

The Big Ol' Spikeroom is a boss encountered in the Foyer, Foundry or Gearworks.


The name says it all. You enter the boss room, and every wall is covered in spikes.


The weak spot on the Spikeroom is a large yellow circle that seems to act as a gear to power the machine. Once the gear appears, start firing immediately at it. As the gear takes damage, Large Spike Cannons will spawn, followed by Nonacannons. These will continue to respawn as you destroy them, so it is advised to focus on the gear.

Things to note:

  • If encountered in the Foyer, the large room will constrict itself and become much, much smaller. stay between the entry and exit doors and you will not be crushed.
  • If found in the Foundry, the weak spot has a chance of spawning in these places:
    • On the large rotating section (where the large cannons are in the picture above)
    • In the center of the roof (as seen in picture above).
  • In the Gearworks, the weakspot will usually spawn on one of three spots on the lowest area in the arena. The lowest mechanisms won't cease moving once the boss is defeated.
  • An odd version that spawns in endess mode's TOG-O-Drome consists of the weak spot at the end of the room with no spikes, but hudnreds upon hundreds of Bongobots

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