Betty and me
The Betty Turret is a dangerous turret that appears on the third level and up, as well as in the Gearworks. It fires large purple balls of plasma that do decent damage. These plasma balls are slow moving, but they home in on the player with extreme accuracy.

Betty Turrets are one of the many reasons you should never stop moving when scaling the Tower of Guns. They have excellent range and often the player will see the plasma before the turret. Betty Turrets should be a high-priority target as they can quickly deal out large amounts of damage while the player is focused on lesser threats. They can remain a threat long after they are destroyed if not eliminated immediately, as its projectiles will continue to chase the player.

Trivia Edit

  • This turret is named “Betty Turret” on the Steam trading card, where Joe mentions he scribbled out the name on a sticky note.