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The Tower of Guns viewed from its battlements.

The Battlements is a 3rd floor variation in Tower of Guns. The other variant being the Warehouse.

Threat AssessmentEdit

Medium difficulty. Although a number of tougher enemies tend to spawn, the rooms of this level are quite spacious, with many ledges to leap up onto. Mobile enemies can be quite a threat as rooms that contain them usually have large quantites of them..

There are no environmental threats, although falling off the Tower will often result in some fall damage when respawning.


The Battlements rooms are typically full of platforms. Typically the rooms are farily simple and wide open, leaving much space for turrets and mobile enemies to attack the player.


The Battlements are the one area exposed to the outside. Players are able, even encouraged, to fly around outside the Tower and explore. If stuck outside the tower, utilize the Tilt function or continue falling down to be tilted automatically.

Secret Paths/Areas Edit

  • Having several jumps and jump height upgrades will allow you jump to the top of the tower and get a bountiful reward.(Said reward consisting of loads of coins,XP,and several Damage,Armor,Speed,Extra Jumps,and Jump height upgrades along with unique dialog from Joe.)
  • Falling down the tower with the Lift Ticket will allow you to reach The Village
  • Beating this area or Warehouse without having killed any Hugbots will sometimes result in being taken to Hugbot Alley


  • This is the only area in the game to allow you to explore outside of the tower.
  • The boss Sir Chompsalot is unique to this floor.

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