Version 0.56 was codenamed "Jigsaw", upgrading from 0.42

Released 28 September 2013.

Good afternoon all you wonderful Greenlight visitors!

A new "Early-Access" version of Tower of Guns has been released into the wild.

This version takes the game up from v0.42 to v0.56. That means I'm OFFICIALLY over the halfway mark. At this point it just makes more sense to continue on rather than turn back, right? Yeah, my wife didn't think that was very funny either.

Anyway, this new build features a ton of new stuff including:

  • No new stages! (Sorry, I'll hopefully get to add more stages next build)

New rooms for Logistics, Foyer, and Foundry stages (not Gearworks though)

A new "badge system" for stat upgrades: This changes some familiar drops like HealthUP and SpeedUP but also adds a ton of things like LuckUP and DifficultyUP (wait, what, really?). All badges are available as drops AND from shops now.

I've actually populated all levels with more shop spawn locations—collecting money has a purpose now!

There's magnet-loot now. It's short range but you don't have to be-quite- so precise now when running around to pick up loot.

There's a ton of new things: items, mobs, bosses, and loot types. Fall-through-world countermeasures: I've plugged up tons of geometry holes, but there are likely some I have not found yet. However, falling out of the map is NO LONGER a game-ender...give yourself a few seconds and you should teleport back to the door you just passed through and back into the action.

Customizable keybinds! For all you anti-WASD folks, have at it! I don't have a controller though, so I have yet to test this with rebinding-controller-buttons. I have hopes that it just 'works' though.

Champions and special mobs: Tougher, faster, and more colorful than your normal enemies!

Mastered audio tracks (with more on the way!)

Began work on some optimization—however that means that performance might actually be WORSE, as I haven't exposed any options yet in the right now the values of some things are cranked by default. My apologies if framerate is a bit shaky in places.

New jump icons, menu cursor, and lots of little art fixes!

If you're interested in trying these alpha builds out visit!


This version was suceeded by 0.56b